Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Its wabbit season! We were going to send these photos out on a postcard for our clients, and then we thought better of it. They probably would think we had some weird fetish or something like that.

Colorado baby

This was two years ago, but I still love these photos. Stayed at Joes uncles cabin in Cachura and farted around in the river and fished and slept in the hammock. Joes dad caught some fish, and we ate em. I caught a fish and I got scared and sad for the fish. I wanted to eat him, but I couldn't kill him. I'm such a hypocrite, I should be a vegetarian.


We shot a red rider BB gun at some shaken up coke cans and done gone and shot em Bing bang. We also met some "real" cowboys out there on the ranch, an i shot em too.

joe monkey

I shot this on a shoot for time out. Joe, as always, is my trustee stand in. I think he looked better than the guy I actually shot.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Elephants walked by our studio

No joke.

Our friend Rob called one day with the following bizarre statement.
"Dude, did you know a parade of elephants is about to walk by your studio?"

Sure enough, a few minutes later a herd of elephants made their way from the freight train that they arrived in, down Leavitt Street on their way to the United Center for a circus. See proof below: