Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I cant decide what I like. just puttn it up.

Friday, April 22, 2011


this one is where Grand and Chicago meet - spotted by moi - I get a hug
Ashland and Augusta spotted by Brian Schilling - I now owe you two hugs

Heres some mOOOOOOre!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Just finished shooting the beautiful Opera singer Nicole Cabell. What a treat indeed, such an elegant, lovely, kind woman.
I added the type, just to envision it as an album cover.

here she is on the tube of you so you get an idea of her awesomeness.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tonight I was driving home and I had to stop and stare. I was at the corner of Grand and Leavitt overlooking Grand Street Gardens and I noticed movement that didn't seem like it fit in that place....

There was a dude with a red hoodie rolling round on top of the stacked bags of mulch/dirt/whatever. he then stood up and hurled himself on top of the bags like a pro wrestler and rolled around, face downward smooshed into the stacked bags. this happened for five minutes and I just watched.

I tell ya, life is like a movie sometimes. perfect comedy placed in the perfect moments.


spot a McDufour billboard, take a photo n send it to me, tell me where you saw it, and Ill give you a .... a...a HUG!!!!

Spotted by Renne Delgado at Montrose and Pulaski

this ones on Pandora -submitted by melinda Meyers (my intern)
Submitted by Brian Schilling

this ones on Western and Logan

thanks to and insanely fun set of clients at Burnett - seriously laughed my ass off repeatedly
thanks to the faboo crew
Producer: Monica Zaffarano
Digi Tech: Brian Schilling
1st Assist: Bob Wolgemuth
2nd Assist: Ben Rodig
Wardrobe: Liz Klafeta
Hair N Makeup : Cindy Adams
Manicurist: Cenita Scott
DJ: Eric Hillman (fig Media)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Saturday, I was a fortunate passenger in a Zipcar. I was puttering around, scoping out the innards of this rented auto, keeping myself occupied, whereupon, I opened the glove compartment. In there was a pair of glasses, and a TGI Fridays coupon folded in half, and behold, there was a mini ZIP lock baggie with substance that looked like oregano. I said out loud "is this what I think it is??" upon further investigation, it was indeed a sac of Cannabis, TGI Saturday!!!! We both looked at each other and said "duuuude".

I zoomed back in my mind to the last time I smoked this substance, I clearly remember the feeling of paranoia, fear, insecurity, shame, wanting to get the fuck out of wherever I was, and also the inability to speak in words, and the oddest feeling of a smile on my lips but the feeling of utter panic inside. I also realized that my self image wasn't super duper intact back then, a little wobbly on the self esteem legs, like a newborn lamb.

We decided to put the zippy from the zip in my bag, considering pitching the stuff, but had to marinate on it for a moment.

I hadn't realized that I could laugh so hard where my stomach would hurt and I would lose the ability to use my legs from such laughter. I had the epiphany that this was a great marketing ploy for Zip cars, pretty genius actually!

This little gem from the Universe was a test, to prove to me the transformation of my self esteem from rocky to rock solid, I passed the test with flying colors.


Monday, April 11, 2011


sometimes it takes a little help to keep your branches healthy


oh great ones of the universe, send me on more magnificent missions, to magnificent places, continuing this magnificent experiment

Friday, April 8, 2011


Do you find yourself confronted with people that are cronic advice givers?

Do you find yourself bewildered by the lack of compassion and understanding from these people and their inability to just shut up and listen?

Something to notice about these people that is consistent without fail.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Meet Amanda, she likes to look soft and pretty, but also, she likes to let loose and go bananaz. witness the faces of Amanda. Thanks to Sharon Casey for the bombastic makeup transformations.