Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I recently witnessed a conversation that made me ponder. Basically the gist of the dialogue was a dicussion of why each party reads the paper and the inner turmoil of getting the newspaper and not reading it and then canceling subscriptions and then having a great pull to know the news etc. to reengage a subscription. the statement that caused an internal reaction was this "I dont want to be one of those uneducated"

well...it turns out that I am one of these uneducated. YAY ME!!

this is what I am going to say about this.

I have spent so many years listening to people talk politics, debate, go back and forth, sitting at a coffee table with long dissertations of whos doing what, who killed who, why this is doing what to who, how much we are surrounded by our own gluttony, how fucked we are environmentally, how much we are destroying the planet, what corrupt asshole has taken over whatever country, what other corrupt asshole has managed to pull a financial fast one thousands of peeps, what laws are fucking us now, how much quicker we are going to die, what movies star fucked which and is now having a baby with whomever else, which country will kill us all first, how many thousands of people are dying of starvation or are dying of diabetes, how many guns we have, how we are overpopulated, how fat we are, whose sexier and skinnier than you, who has more money, and then the cherry on top how much anxiety we have.

Witnessing this dialogue being incessantly volleyed continuously makes me wonder, does sitting around this table comparing notes and dropping names and headlines help? what benefit is this dialogue doing? are solutions being made? are plans being drawn up to work on this? NO i dont think I have ever heard of any solution-based political discussions. This is my observations, as the conversations escalate, voices raise and speech speeds up, faces turn red, people interrupt to get their snippet of knowledge in, then more interruption to counter that interruption, volume goes up more, then an overall sense of weakness, helplessness, and then exhaustion and resentment of the world. then you go home and try to sleep.

If only I could have heart rates measured during these discussions, it would be a fascinating experiment.

if being uneducated means not reading the news, well, this retard is happy to be uneducated.

an added bit of feedback from a wise soul : only people who are affraid of being uneducated or seen as stupid feel a MUST NEED to keep up with current events

Friday, May 13, 2011


Are you a fruit racist?

I bet you are. I bet that you would never dare buy that fruit who you havent bothered to find out what its name is, and take it home with you and sample some of its tastiness. I bet you sneer at that fruit as you passby it, and go for that safe banana or apple.

I know I have been, and still am a fruit racist. I am afraid of these foreign fruit. what if they smell like fart when I cut into them? what if i take a bite and its disgusting? I will be sad also if I buy this foreign thing and had expectations of greatness and it wasn't what I thought, or i didn't know what to do with it. and I ate it the wrong way and have deep shame.

I declare that I will try to sample a fruit before I dismiss it.


Monday, May 9, 2011


smile with your brain

Tuesday, May 3, 2011