Wednesday, February 6, 2008

China 2006

I just realized when we went to China and its like, WOA, time just flew by, 2006! I really need to get a good scanner and and a good intern to scan all o that stuff. It was such an amazing trip for us, and I am glad to finally post some pics. our trip started in Shanghai, which seemed like Blade Runner to me, then went to Sechuan for spicy food, then moseyed over to Kunming, Dali, and finally Hong Kong. There are more photos, but at least this is something!!

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- joe said...

We are so slow getting film scanned. I wish I could say these are posted for the 1 year anniversary of our trip, but it's been a little longer than that.

However, we just got an new scanner hooked up today, so the turn around time *should* be much faster. heh.