Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Joffrey Ballet

Erika just finished an amazing shoot for the Joffrey Ballet's new American Moderns performance. The original plan was to transform the male dancer into a half man/half goat creature, but that process became just a little too complicated. Here's our trusty assistant Seth propping the goat half.

And the final piece featuring the incredible Joffrey Talent (sans goat). Lush set design by Kiyomi, making beautiful people more beautiful by Christine.

Our very own Christine was selfless enough to chase down a bus so we could snap a pic of the billboard. Here she is willing the bus to stop using her magnetic hands. Thanks Christine!


john said...

That's one fine-looking set of goat legs! I really think you'd have been happier, though, if you'd gone with a more aggressive concept! :^)


Hitomi said...

beautiful pics! that's a sexy looking goat leg.

hugh s said...

ooh, i just found your website. so professional! (well, of course) its awesummm