Monday, October 27, 2008

This month's Vanity Fair

Does this mean we're famous? We should be rubbing elbows with George Clooney any day now, right? Erika's already picking out her evening wear for the galas. It's a little itty bitty feature on one of our favorite clients - Katrina Markoff from the immensely successful Vosges haut-Chocolat - but hey it's Vanity Fair. (Did we mention it's Vanity Fair? For real!)

Speaking of Vosges haut-Chocolat, Katrina brought her family's 3 mastiffs with her to her last catalog shoot. If you're not familiar, mastiffs are a cross between a dog and a water buffalo. And yes, one of them is a puppy

1 comment:

MDoan said...

Wow such famoussness:)! Congrats--you got to photo a sexy woman and her cute dogs for work?! Keep you day job, and the yoga and kung fu. Someday when I am famousss you can photo me and Pixie for some other glossie mag...maybe Cosmo.
Much oxoxo.