Monday, July 26, 2010


Julia Childs was a stubborn minded, elegant woman who was faced with the male dominated industry of chefdom. Fortunately for her brilliance and perseverance, she bulleted through that stigma and was deemed one of the most influential people in the culinary arts. Her feminine charm and warmth was a breath of fresh air that flipped the industry on its head.

One can’t help but notice a similarity in the photo industry although that is thankfully rapidly changing. We are now able to name more than 5 female assistants, female digital techs, etc. etc. This seminar is purely a discussion of how women have progressed in this field and where we stand now.

I decided to simplify and informally hold the seminar at my studio august 2nd and begin with a round table discussion. If this all works we can then plan more for future events of this nature. Thank you for your endless patience, this time its happening for real. please forward this email to any women who would be interested in attending.

Date: Monday, August 2
Time: 6:30
Place: Erika Dufour Photography
2140 w Fulton Street


Erica McKeehen said...

i just moved to chicago after graduating college with my photo degree... i am extremely excited for this and definitely attending. thank you so much for holding it.

Melissa Hayes said...

sounds interesting. will try to attend.