Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning I woke up with the gumption to cook my ass off. First I tossed a pork chop rubbed with black pepper in the oven, then made a kohlrabi and apple slaw, and a Moroccan stew. here be some recipes:

2 kohlrabi
1 apple (whatever kind you got works fine)
cilantro chutney (got this from the indian market)
olive oil
white vinegar
ground black pepper

peel and shred the kohlrabi (i use a mandolin)
shred the apple
toss themz in a bowl
toss in oil, vinegar, and a spoonful of cilantro chutney, add pepper

ground lamb
1 onion
3 leeks
1 eggplant
handful of cherry tomatoes
1 cup (aprox) white wine (would have used red but its all i had)
1 can chick peas
2 c chick broth
1 small can tom sauce

sauté lamb in pot with fennel, brown the bottom of pan
add the white wine to scrape off browns
remove cooked lamb from pot
add olive oil to pot
sauté onions and leeks till browned and caramelized, add tomatoes, sauté more, add eggplant and lamb and a little more wine. simmer for a bit, add the broth and tom sauce, add a shake or two of cinnamon, simmer the thang for bout 3o mins.

This stuff tastes better if it sits for a day, so Im gonna have it for lunch tomorrow. WOOOOHOOOO!

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