Friday, January 28, 2011


Lately I have been fascinated with cabbies and their stories, where they came from, what brought them to the US, how they adjusted to these lands, what being a cabbie is like. On Tuesday morning I had a great conversation with this cabbie Ahmad. He was telling me the constant plight to keep his cab clean as they get ticketed $75 if they get caught with a dirty cab. I asked him where he came from.

He came from Pakistan 15 years ago and told me that his first job in the states was at Dunkin Doughnuts. Ahmad had never had a doughnut in his life and here he was being handed a sac of these fried goodies every night and was told he could have as many as he wanted. This became his breakfast, lunch and dinner and soon weighed almost 300 pounds. I could barely believe this story because this guy driving the cab was a thin 160 lb fellow. For 8 years he sold Dougnuts until his doctor told him he had to quit because he couldnt breathe and it was hard for him to move. He made a move, but alas, he ended up working at Pizza Hut, not a great change. The weight stayed on so a new plan had to be made.

Finally he got a job at Ohare and started losing weight, as he changed his diet entirely as well, no carbs, no sugar, mostly veggies and a little meat.

Apparently, that was too much moving (dont know why) and alas he became a cabbie.

I worry about this dude, he told me he drinks 35 cups of coffee every day. SOMEONE has an addictive personality, no??

This is the funny part, we traded business cards and the following day I got a call from a stranger telling me that he was in front of my building and was told by his cabbie that he would get a great massage. eh?????

so...I dont know if Ahmads story was all bullshit, but I still think it was funny.

what a funny world we live in :)

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