Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I learned the a young neighbor of mine at work died in a car accident. this stopped my innards to a halt and created a wash of a void inside. It is so finite , there was no big grand music crescendo, there was no big hoopla, she disappeared into the night and that was it, she was gone. Of course she left her impact on others, her loved ones, her friends, her foes, her work companions, all of the people she shared her vibration with on this planet, and now she left the remaining impact of her death.

For me, the impact is of course great sadness, a chill of reality of how really fragile we are, the realization of how easy the warmth of life turns off, the gratefulness I feel for still being warm, and also the joy I feel for having such a crazy awesome life.

so abby, you had great courage for being a human, for being here, for being, i bid you farewell, you did a great job!

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