Friday, May 13, 2011


Are you a fruit racist?

I bet you are. I bet that you would never dare buy that fruit who you havent bothered to find out what its name is, and take it home with you and sample some of its tastiness. I bet you sneer at that fruit as you passby it, and go for that safe banana or apple.

I know I have been, and still am a fruit racist. I am afraid of these foreign fruit. what if they smell like fart when I cut into them? what if i take a bite and its disgusting? I will be sad also if I buy this foreign thing and had expectations of greatness and it wasn't what I thought, or i didn't know what to do with it. and I ate it the wrong way and have deep shame.

I declare that I will try to sample a fruit before I dismiss it.


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Anonymous said...

I felt this way until I tried Durian.....