Friday, July 1, 2011


A few weeks back I went to my friend Sonias house and she made me a fennel salad and it was the bombdiggity. She marinated a red onion in lemon juice and shave a ton of fennel in there with cracked pepper and salt , was that it Sonia???

I forgot about this ignored veggie, at least I was ignoring it. I must be a veggie racist as well.

Apparently it is great for the intestinal tract, it reduces bloating and intestinal problems and intestinal stress. It is also said to help eyesight and it an effective diuretic. WOW!!

And guess what?? Its delicious!

I made this salad yesterday and had it with sauteed scallops breaded with roasted seaweed and breadcrumbs.

1/2 - fennel bulb
2 celery stalks
1 apple
1 green onion
the juice of 1 lemon
1 teaspoon of lemon rind
1 tbspn olive oil

Cut the fennel into thin shavings - if you have a mandoline, even better!!!
Do the same with the celery and apple and green onion.
Put in a bowl. Add the lemon juice and lemon rind, oil, salt pepper.

Thats it!!!

I imagine this would be delicious on a pork sammich too!! wooo. or serve with fish, or whatever man.

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Sonia said...

Nice! I added a touch of agave nectar and sesame oil to the lemon juice dressing which gives it a nice, nutty, savory, and sweet twist. You can also add mustard for some tangy flavor. Go YUMM!