Thursday, February 24, 2011



Last night I went to Schwa. If you dont know about this place, it falls in the same camp as Alinea, but its a more punk rock underground version of such, decore is raw and gritty and not much time and energy was wasted on the rooms looks. I dig this, I dont need to be floated on and interior decorated cloud of luxury.

I couldn't help but watch the human behavior and interaction between clientele and staff in this evenings celebrations. heres what I saw:

waitstaff - aloof greasy haired dudes that give off the air of "I dont give a fuck about what you think", this immediately reminded me of high school days when my brother took me to these weird punk rock parties in someones basement and people milled about acting cool and shaving each others heads and getting high. This aloof attitude triggers something in the customer, which is a desperate plea, "please like me, Ill start saying fucked up things to seem cool and get your attention".

The food comes, interesting stuff, interesting ingredients. I get thrown a bit by the aloof naming of the dish example "pork belly infused with .... you put it in your face, whatever"

Theres a window to the back and you see the dudes back there drinking shots, walking quickly with a look of fear and utter exhaustion in their eyes and a thin glaze of nervous sweat coating their pale grey faces. this is fascinating to me.

Halfway through the dinner is when twists and turns became more dramatic, more and more sexual innuendoes are dropped, etc etc. Throughout the whole night, hiphop music and heavy metal is being played and it seemed to me as if someone in the kitchen needed a jolt of some kind of energy to continue. The volume was cranked to maximum with a lovely death metal tune with the lyrics chanting "KILL YOUR MOTHER" repeatedly for what seemed to be an eternity as I am enjoying my porkbelly with butterscotch, persimmons, and radichio. Sure, whatever, why not, I guess, really?

I understand the sentiment of the restaurant, "we are anarchists and dont want to succumb ourselves to the fine dining etiquette, and we just wanna make delicious food and we wanna do it our way, fuck the man!!" I get it, meh.


Lizz said...

Sometimes I get the feeling it's a lot of work to
Be that aloof.

Erika said...

LIZZ, you got something there, definitely true.