Sunday, February 20, 2011


The phrase "in the highly unlikely event" came up in my mind today and I started to think, hey, everything is a highly unlikely event, is it not? the fact that the human race exists was highly unlikely event. I believe that that phrase is bullshit. its a lie used to make people feel better that bad shit wont happen to them, a lie to make us feel better that all will be roses. If you watch the news, highly unlikely events are happening minute by minute.

I know that most of my life has turned out to be a tremendous series of highly unlikely events. Some were good, some miraculous, some bad, but all would have been predicted as highly unlikely events. I know people who have lost loved ones, who have achieved greatness, who have battled internal struggles who have lost, and some who have won, some who have risen beyond ever imagined, all unlikely events.

It is almost a comfort to know that it is likely that unlikely events are and will continue to happen, and also, it is these highly likely unlikely events that teach us the most.


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Andrew said...

Totally! The likelihood of a specific unlikely event? Highly unlikely.

The likelihood of some sort of unlikely events! Incredibly probable.