Wednesday, April 20, 2011


spot a McDufour billboard, take a photo n send it to me, tell me where you saw it, and Ill give you a .... a...a HUG!!!!

Spotted by Renne Delgado at Montrose and Pulaski

this ones on Pandora -submitted by melinda Meyers (my intern)
Submitted by Brian Schilling

this ones on Western and Logan

thanks to and insanely fun set of clients at Burnett - seriously laughed my ass off repeatedly
thanks to the faboo crew
Producer: Monica Zaffarano
Digi Tech: Brian Schilling
1st Assist: Bob Wolgemuth
2nd Assist: Ben Rodig
Wardrobe: Liz Klafeta
Hair N Makeup : Cindy Adams
Manicurist: Cenita Scott
DJ: Eric Hillman (fig Media)


Rene said...

You rock Lady!

Anonymous said...

Nice work homey.


kat said...

Looks awesome!