Monday, April 18, 2011


Last Saturday, I was a fortunate passenger in a Zipcar. I was puttering around, scoping out the innards of this rented auto, keeping myself occupied, whereupon, I opened the glove compartment. In there was a pair of glasses, and a TGI Fridays coupon folded in half, and behold, there was a mini ZIP lock baggie with substance that looked like oregano. I said out loud "is this what I think it is??" upon further investigation, it was indeed a sac of Cannabis, TGI Saturday!!!! We both looked at each other and said "duuuude".

I zoomed back in my mind to the last time I smoked this substance, I clearly remember the feeling of paranoia, fear, insecurity, shame, wanting to get the fuck out of wherever I was, and also the inability to speak in words, and the oddest feeling of a smile on my lips but the feeling of utter panic inside. I also realized that my self image wasn't super duper intact back then, a little wobbly on the self esteem legs, like a newborn lamb.

We decided to put the zippy from the zip in my bag, considering pitching the stuff, but had to marinate on it for a moment.

I hadn't realized that I could laugh so hard where my stomach would hurt and I would lose the ability to use my legs from such laughter. I had the epiphany that this was a great marketing ploy for Zip cars, pretty genius actually!

This little gem from the Universe was a test, to prove to me the transformation of my self esteem from rocky to rock solid, I passed the test with flying colors.