Sunday, September 5, 2010


As you might know, I was born in Quebec City Canada, a 400 year old city chalk full of old traditional food, clothes, architecture, and language. Whenever talking to my relatives, especially my mom, strange and funny phrases pop up that stop me in my tracks and make me laugh my ass off.

I did a little research and found a sampling for your enjoyment

Petter plus haut que le trou - farting higher than your asshole - getting too big for your britches

Faire caller son pipi - making his urine curdle - masturbating

Je vas ten crisser use claque - I'm gonna Jesus you a smack - I'm gonna smack you

Calme toi le pom pon - calm your hat pom pon - calm down

Attend tu le messie - are you waiting for the messiah? what are you waiting for?

Acouche! - Give birth! - get on with it!

Jai laire de la chein a Jacque - I look like jacks bitch - I look like shit

Il na pas inventee les boutons a quatre trou - he didn't invent the four holed button- he ain't that smart.

Faire pleura Jeanette - making Jeanette cry - a man going to take a piss

Face de cochon ( my grandma coined this one) - pig face

Laid come un pette- as ugly as a fart

Avoire les jambes a la pisse - having piss legs - bow legged.

Commenced a s' accouter pisser - beginning to listen to yourself piss - a teenager beginning to be aware of his verility

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