Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of my favorite stories from my trip to China in 2006 is my Kill bill like adventure. During the entire trip, I kept looking for Kung Fu schools in the cities that I visited, and somehow, all of the kung fu schools had been replaced with basketball courts. Yep, basketball. WTF? right? China, the home of Jet Li and Jackie Chan etc etc. Finally after two weeks if traveling, I am in a city called Dali, which is set in the mountains pretty close to Tibet. Walking along the old streets of this town, I come across a poster with a dude doing a badass high kick, doing kung fu, and the poster indicates that he teaches kung fu. BINGO!! I go in the store and ask about where this dude is and he hand over a business card with a weeeeeeeeeee little map on the back. Doesnt look that far, so why not??

An hour later after climbing a mountain via mountain bike, which Ive given up on, there is a dude with long hair and his American girlfriend tells me that kung fu class is about to begin. I say fuckit!! My ex husband finds himself a friend that is getting high and goes to get stoned, and I attend a two hour kung fu class (remember I just climbed a frikkin mountain). I did 3-4 days of kung fu in the mountain and it was my favorite part of the trip (ex husband was happy too cause he was getting high off his gourd, and YES, I judged him and obviously still do).

I kept that tiny business card on my fridge for the last 4 years and alas, the universe has delivered me the kung fu master. He came to visit last weekend and stayed with me, here are some picks to prove it. There are a ton more, but this is what I worked on today.

Thank you Xuan Yun for the Tai Chi lessons. here is a link to his WEBSITE

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Anonymous said...

Xuan Yun says he had a great time visiting you. Thanks for taking such good care of him. You'd better watch out, he's probably going to try to bring you back to China with us this summer!